Amazon Advertising Consulting & Management

by David Zimmermann

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Campaign Setup

Learn how to start off and evolve a long-lasting and profitable campaign structure. It does not get more important than this.

Individual Product Tactics

Are you in a very competitive niche? Luxury products? Other special cases? Let’s talk about how you can beat your competitors!

Long-Term Strategies

From Product Launch to established Best Sellers – get access to my personal check-list for guaranteed repetitive advertising success.

Ready to Scale?

Automation software is the way to go. Learn which tools you truly need – not all features are really necessary.

Change Management

Your campaigns are a mess? Mindful changes are needed to guarantee stable organic rankings & traffic!


Basic unclarities? Listing Optimization? Variations? We will always have some time left to answer any open questions!

I’m only happy when my clients are happy!

(and they are!)

Alex Li

I had already liked your content on youtube a lot and it was great to have all of my questions answered on the call. I really wish you had offered this kind of service earlier. Game changer for my business!

Jessica T.

After my call with David the path for my products suddenly seemed very obvious and I got a clear idea of how I was going to use Amazon ads to walk it! All my concerns and questions resolved as well, thank you!

Christoph Urben

If you’re planning to get started with Amazon ads or go from tentative beginner, as I was, to feeling highly confident in using PPC, David is the right man! On another note, simply a very nice guy eager to help!

Simple & Transparent Pricing

1 Hour Consulting Call


  • Advanced Campaign Structure
    (up to 45 different Sponsored Products, Brands & Display ads campaigns per product depending on your niche & budget)
  • Professional Listing Optimization
  • Long-Term Strategies
  • How to scale
  • Change Management
  • Q&A
  • Resources (including access to my personal highly advanced product & campaign checklist)

Currently not taking new clients. As an alternative, I’d like to suggest learning at your own pace in the course shown further below!

3 Hour Project


every additional hour 77€
  • Everything from 1h Consulting Call
  • Hands-on help creating the perfect listing that is indexed for all relevant keywords and guarantees high conversion rates forever
  • Hands-on help setting up campaigns for multiple products
  • Hands-on help setting up Automation to scale your business

Currently not taking new clients

(currently not taking new clients)

Managed Services

Main Optimization Service


of Ad Profit

(Ad Revenue – Ad Spend)

Minimum 800€ / Month
Maximum 5000€ / Month

I believe the best partnerships arise where both parties’ incentives are completely aligned.

I want to grow your Revenue as much as possible. But not at the cost of overspending.

Unlike most agencies that charge based on ad spend or ad revenue, number of SKUs or even hours, I try to keep it simple and as fair as possible for both sides, focusing on actual outcome in the form of ad profit, ie. your ad revenue minus ad spend.

Free monthly inclusions:

  • Listing Optimization & Indexing (Title, Bullets, Description, Backend Keywords) for 1 product in 1 marketplace

Currently not taking new clients

Extra Setup Services

per product in 1 marketplace


Keyword Research & Priorization iIncludes at least 50 product relevant keywords, typically around 75 to 100
(ENG / DE only)

+ Variations iVariations with same search behavior are free, similar variations 25€ each


Listing Optimization & Indexing
(Pro Title, Pro Bullets, Basic Description, SEO optimized Backend Keywords)

+ Variations iSimilar variations 35€ each

Setup Services only available in combination with Main Optimization Service

Currently not taking new clients

Optional 10% Discount with 3 Month upfront payment of Main Optimization Service Minimum
Payment Options: Credit Card, Paypal, Payoneer, IBAN (N26 Bank)

I love to work with non-corporate companies that have a “soul”, big goals and that are looking to expand their team with a part-time almost-colleague.
Especially when they have great / eco-friendly / useful / beautiful / smart products that need to be seen by more people!

(currently not taking new clients)

You’re in the right place to get the right answers.

Grow your Businessin a healthy & profitable way!

Get the right strategies & solutions first-hand.
Let me resolve any questions & doubts you have about Amazon Advertising.